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About Me

Born and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts, I have spent my entire life creating art. I've always have had a passion for drawing, and sophomore year at the University of Maine, I discovered my love for animation and have been studying it ever since.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in Digital Art alongside UMaine's Honors College with a double minor in both Art History and Marketing. After school, I continued to share my love for art as an art teacher and instructor at a paint-and-sip!

Artist Statement

Like countless other kids growing up in my generation, I spent my Saturday mornings glued to my television watching cartoons and animated movies. I fell in love with the characters that I saw; how they acted, how they looked, and how they created a story with their mere existence. I like to think that’s where my style originated; in cartoons. Fictional characters and artwork in itself is a reflection of one’s imagination, and that’s something I love to express in the characters I make; in their appearance, in their stories, in their movements.

My artwork varies in medium, but it all encompasses one single word: character. Wether it be a simple photo of the street or an animated character walking across a 2 dimensional plane, there’s a piece of my spirit in everything I make. I generally create pieces that are light-hearted, colorful, and a bit whimsical in nature. Both the world we live in and the nonfictional worlds we create are full of wonder, and I try to express that magic in every piece I make.

The end goal for all of my art is, in one way or another, I want to give back what I’ve been given; inspiration. All the media that I’ve consumed in the 23 years that I’ve been alive has created a strong foundation for my own ideas. Some day, I hope my art will inspire others to create and share their own stories.

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